Sunny view of 4 rowers on 2 double sculls on the tree-lined River Clyde with the blue St Andrew's suspension footbridge in the background

Glasgow 2030 Tourism Strategy

Glasgow 2030 Tourism Strategy sets out a framework for the city’s visitor economy ambitions. It is aligned with the national tourism strategy Scotland Outlook 2030 and is aimed at supporting our wider economic, social and environmental goals.

It sets out five strategic priorities:

  1. Increase the value of tourism to Glasgow’s economy
  2. Enhance the experiences that we offer
  3. Create value for Glasgow’s people through the tourism sector
  4. Support vibrant places across the city and surrounding region
  5. Deliver tourism in a sustainable and inclusive way

You can download and read the full Glasgow 2030 Tourism Strategy PDF.

Following wide-ranging discussions and collaboration with many colleagues and stakeholders, the Glasgow Tourism Action Plan 2024-26 has been developed to support the delivery of the Strategy.

Both The Strategy and Action Plan will be monitored by the Glasgow Tourism Advisory Forum (GTAF) and Glasgow Tourism and Events Network (GTEN) both comprising of colleagues from the city’s visitor economy sector groups and organisations. Read more about the governance groups via the links below.